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LMLunar Module (replaced LEM)
LMLe Mans
LMLaurea Magistrale (Italian: Master of Science)
LMLittle Mix (girl group; UK)
LMLandscape Management (various organizations)
LMLight Microscope
LMLockheed Martin
LMLes Miserables
LMLactancia Materna (Spanish: Breastfeeding)
LMLean Mass
LMLogistics Management
LMLast Mile (computer networking)
LMLife Member
LMLynch Mob
LMLate Minoan (time period)
LMLight Meter (photography)
LMLiberty Mountain (Salt Lake City, UT)
LMLinux Magazine
LMLogical Mechanism (linguistics)
LMLambert(s) (unit of luminance)
LMLiquid Metal
LMLord Mayor
LMLearningMethods (Canada)
LMLanguage Model (speech recognition)
LMLady Madonna (Beatles song)
LMliver metastasis
LMLagrange Multiplier
LMLunch Menu
LMLicensed Midwife
LMLevenberg-Marquardt (algorithm)
LMLata Mangeshkar (Indian singer)
LMLady Macbeth
LMLinux-Mandrake (Linux Distribution)
LMLogistics Manager
LMLuigi's Mansion (video game)
LMLegion of Merit
LMLife Master (Contract Bridge Ranking)
LMLaser Module
LMLong Module
LMLink and Motivation, Inc. (Japan)
LMLong Mode (computing protocol)
LMLoad Multiple (IBM)
LMLove Marriage
LMLocation Manager (film industry)
LMLateral Malleolus (ankle)
LMLogic Module
LMLanguage Minority (language learning)
LMLocation Management
LMLine Monitor
LMLeft-Arm Medium (cricket; also seen as LAM)
LMLowell Massachusetts (.50 caliber ammunition headstamp)
LMLateral Meniscus (knee)
LMLeft Message
LMLymphatic Malformation (abnormal fluid collection)
LMLead Man (Supervisor)
LMLay Midwife (midwife without a medical degree)
LMLow Migration (printing ink)
LMLight Magnum (ammunition)
LMLunar Magic (game)
LMLocal Manufacture
LMLeprosy Mission
LMLiberal Movement (politics)
LMLow Moment (chemistry)
LMLong Meter (hymnology)
LMLiquidity-Money (macroeconomic curve that links interest rates and output as a result of interactions in asset markets)
LMLegal Momentum (formerly NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund)
LMLifetime Maintenance
LMLibris Mortis (roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons)
LMLegalize Murder
LMLinden Meadows School (Canada)
LMLadies' Meeting
LMLightwave Multimeter (Agilent)
LMLeaky Mode (transmission line)
LMLoop Modem
LMLunixmonster (Natural Selection gaming server)
LMLabor Month
LMLittlewood and Miller (probabilistic model)
LMLadderMonkey (gaming league)
LMLitchfield and Madison Railroad
LMLauis Metis (neutral zone planet from Diaspora)
LMLumbering Might (computer game)
LMList of Material/s
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F, fibula; LM, lateral malleolus; MM, medial malleolus; T, talus.
Using the vertical displacement of the left lateral malleolus between the standing and take-off positions in the calibrated videos, the authors have quantified a distance of 10.8 [+ or -] 1.0 cm (95% CI 10.6 to 11.1).
The goniometer's pivot was centered over the ankle (lateral malleolus), and one arm paralleled the fibula and tibia.
An adventitious bursa is created by abnormal shear force and is usually located in the subcutaneous tissue [1] and could develop in the lateral malleolus area because of the repetitive irritation, injury, and inflammation.
For 4 months he had been experiencing pain under the lateral malleolus of his right foot during physical exercise, more while playing hockey than when dancing.
(12) Beals and Skyhar reported that the distal tibia-fibular physis distance was 0.4 cm before age 1, but increased to 1.0 cm by age 12.13 This produces the appearance of downward migration of the lateral malleolus as well as gradual decreasing valgus of the distal tibia.
This motion also carries the lateral malleolus anteriorly.
On physical examination upon the admission, there were several immobile, multinodular, and firm masses at the ventral part of the ankle and around the lateral malleolus, without adhesion to the skin [Figure 1]a, moreover, the patient's gait pattern and mobility of the ankle showed no abnormalities.
This entails taking three 3-mm skin punch biopsies, one each at the lateral proximal and distal thigh, the third 10 cm proximal to the lateral malleolus. Specimens obtained from these sites in normal individuals feature a rich density of small nerve fibers; in patients with SNF-associated sarcoidosis, there is a notable paucity of the fibers, the physician explained.
The peroneus longus tendon is located proximal and posteriorly to the lateral malleolus on the lateral surface of the calcaneus, cuboid (along the midfoot), and distally inserting at the base of the first metatarsal and medial cuneiform [1, 6].
* Medio-lateral stirrups x 3 (Figure 2B and 2C): the first stirrup started at the distal anchor medially, passed over the medial malleolus, calcaneous, and lateral malleolus, and attached to the anchor laterally.
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