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LSCNLake St. Clair Network (Detroit, MI)
LSCNLateral Sural Cutaneous Nerve (anatomy)
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The popliteal fossa including the posterior and lateral aspects of leg and ankle were carefully dissected to expose the SN, medial sural cutaneous nerve (MSCN), lateral sural cutaneous nerve (LSCN) and SSV with their anatomical positions preserved with pins.
In most cases the sural nerve is formed by the union of the medial and the lateral sural cutaneous nerve. The medial and lateral sural cutaneous nerves are branches of the tibial nerve and common fibular nerve, respectively.
PC: popliteal crease, A = bifurcation point, B = the most proximal point of the fibula, C = the angle of the bifurcation point of sciatic nerve (18.7 [+ or -] 3.6[degrees]), D = branching point of medial sural cutaneous nerve, E = branching point of lateral sural cutaneous nerve, F1 = branching point of medial head of gastrocnemius, F2 = branching point of lateral head of gastrocnemius, G = branching point to innervate the deep compartment muscles of the leg, H = branching point to innervate the soleus.