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LQELeadership for Quality Education (Chicago, IL)
LQELinear Quadratic Equation
LQELatest Quarterly Estimate (budgets)
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The latest quarterly estimate for state government for the current biennium (2009-2111) projects revenue at $182 million less than the estimate in May.
In addition to the statistical measures of reliability, BEA examines qualitative measures of reliability that focus on the overall performance of the three vintages of the current quarterly estimates of growth, relative to the latest quarterly estimates of growth.
Its latest quarterly estimates for growth and inflation - the first since the collapse of Lehman Brothers triggered a global crisis in September - are likely to paint a bleak picture of the UK's economic prospects.
Correlation Coefficients of Revisions From Third to Latest Quarterly Estimates of Real GDP and Its Major Components in 1983-2009 Personal Gross consumption private GDP expenditures domestic investment Personal consumption expenditures 0.52 ...