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A collision model was proposed by Bhatnagar, Gross and Krook [21] (BGK) to simplify the analysis of the lattice Boltzmann equation. Using LB-BGK approximation equation (1) can be written as
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The Lattice Boltzmann equation (LBE) can be determined as
The combination of streaming and collision steps in a 9-velocity square lattice modified the lattice Boltzmann equation as
This method couples the flexible structure (e.g., capsule) dynamics and the fluid dynamics by using the immersed boundary method and calculates the incompressible viscous power-law fluid motion by solving the lattice Boltzmann equation. In order to achieve the non-Newtonian rheology, a shear rate-dependant relaxation time is employed.
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The Lattice Boltzmann equation [7] (LBE) is linear, but actually its nonlinearity is embedded in the left side of the LBE.