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LAUELightweight Army User Equipment
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These things tend to be perceived on the street faster than in the community at large," Laue says.
The crystallographic orientation of the table facet was determined by Laue diffraction, using a Bruker SMART 1000 CCD single-crystal diffractometer.
Just before the Great War commenced in 1914, the understanding of the nature of X-rays received a huge boost when a German scientist Max von Laue and his students discovered a diffraction pattern by shining a beam of X-rays through a crystal of zinc blende (ZnS).
Laue was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics in 1914 for the discovery of the X-ray diffraction of crystals.
The Laue lattice factor cannot be neglected when (i) the number of subperiods in a unit cell (in the case of nylon 6 [alpha]-form, this value corresponds to the number of methylene groups) is larger than the number of stacked unit cells in the crystallites, and (ii) the crystallite size is very small [19].
Here we restrict ourselves to the case in which the transmitted and diffracted waves--two-wave approximation--satisfy the Laue equation.
Laue Mechanical Engineer, Senior Associate DLR Group Minneapolis
When he catches passes on the perimeter, Laue holds the ball away from his head, the way a water polo player readies a shot; on defense, he uses his nub to maintain contact with his opponent s back.
Laue knows the history of this tradition of collecting well, having studied it, and now deals in the very same instruments that would have been displayed as part of amassed 'naturalia and artificialia'.
Tournament organiser, Ralf Laue, from Leipzig, said such an impressive ability to mentally calculate was self-taught, not genetic.
The two of them, along with Planck's student, Professor Max von Laue, would remain close personal friends and scientific colleagues even after Einstein departed for Princeton.
In 1912, Max von Laue discovers the diffraction of x-rays by crystals.