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LSRMLake Superior Railroad Museum
LSRMLight Sport Repairman Maintenance (aviation)
LSRMLaura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial
LSRMLinear Switched Reluctance Motor
LSRMLaser Scanning Reflection Microscopy
LSRMLarge Solid Rocket Motor
LSRMLiquid Scintillation Radiometric Method
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The Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial, and later the Rockefeller Foundation, actually provided the SSRC with most of its funding - over $3.5 million between 1922 and 1936.
For similar reasons, trustees of the new Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial hesitated to endorse a proposal put forward by its director, Beardsley Ruml, to undertake a broad program of support to the social sciences.
"Conditions Affecting the Memorial's Participation in Projects in Social Science." Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial Archives.