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Ce seraient surtout des commissions scolaires ou des ecoles de Montreal, des Laurentides, de Lanaudiere et de Laval qui les embaucheraient.
We interpret this vertebra as probably deriving from an animal living in a tundra or taiga setting at a distance of 100 to 200 km from the southern edge of the Laurentide ice sheet.
Previous studies have demonstrated that climatic amelioration, concomitant with enhanced meltwater flux from the retreating Laurentide Ice Sheet, cleared sea ice from the inter-island channels of the central archipelago, enabling early Holocene bowhead whales to extend beyond the range of contemporary populations.
From the creation of the Ministry of Agriculture in 1888, Cure Labelle had his strategies regarding the colonization of the Laurentides region.
Selon Duchesne (2006), entre 1995 et 2005, les secteurs ruraux et les petites villes de Lanaudiere et des Laurentides affichent des gains de l'ordre de 25 % sur 10 ans, celles de la Capitale Nationale, de la Mauricie, de l'Estrie, de l'Outaouais ont une progression de l'ordre de 10%.
Ainsi, quatre regions sociosanitaires ont ete selectionnees : la capitale nationale (Quebec), Montreal, Chaudiere-Appalaches et Laurentides.
n], 1984); Stephane Plante, Ville de Deux-Montagnes, 1804-1994 (Deux-Montagnes, Ville de Deux-Montagnes, 1993); Serge Laurin, Histoire des Laurentides (Quebec, Institut quebecois de recherche sur la culture, 1995).
La estacion de Mont-Tremblant, en Quebec, las grandiosas montanas Laurentides, en una pequena villa del mismo nombre logra un gran ambiente una vez que se van las horas de luz.
Located on the Laurentides Wildlife Sanctuary just north of Quebec City and bordering on Jacques Cartier Park, the business has been operating since 1987, offering outdoor activities, accommodations and cultural activities while at the same time maintaining a respect for the environment.
The Globe's Quebec correspondent Lysiane Gagnon told of being in a small restaurant in the Laurentides when a strange couple walked in.
Work will be performed in Bethesda, Md; Laurentides, Canada; Goonhilly, United Kingdom; and Auckland, New Zealand.
If so, the wolves in the Laurentides area of Quebec might provide a better source population for the northeastern United States.