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4) Indeed, one cannot--and probably nobody would--consider the current intense interplay between law and economics without recognizing the role played by the "outsider" Guido Calabresi, whose work "enabled Yale to carve out its own niche in the field," after "the 'boom' period of law and economics, the late 1960s and early 1970s, [when] Chicago dominated.
Taking a law and economics perspective on the matter, he discusses the law and economic theory of optimal enforcement, industrial economics and its application in Japan, auction theory as applied to the European Union and China, and the legal frameworks that address bid rigging conspiracies in each jurisdiction, using the example of the construction industry in Japan for illustration.
These canons have made law and economics a persuasive form of discourse:
There is little doubt that the major new theoretical approach to law and economics in the past two decades does not come from either field, but from the adjacent discipline of cognitive psychology, which has now moored into behavioural economics'.
The second annual issue will be a compendium of articles that focus on the legal side of law and economics, an approach that is intended to de-emphasize technical mathematics, while still providing access to economic insights about legal and policy issues.
Relatively new, the field of law and economics can be traced to the early 1960s and the Chicago school of economics.
Feminists, in recent years, have picked up the law and economics ball and have run with it.
Different chapters in texts dealt with various areas of law and economics, such as property rights, torts, criminal and family law, and product liability.
Good as it is, however, An Introduction to Law and Economics is unsuitable as a comprehensive core text for a law-and-economics course for at least three reasons, all deriving from the book's limited objective and scope of coverage.
OUP said "JCLE" is the first academic journal entirely devoted to competition law and economics and is designed to compete with the premier law reviews and economic journals for pieces of scholarship devoted to competition.
As editor of The Journal of Law and Economics from 1964 to 1982, Coase exercised a huge effect over the sort of topics that economists chose to investigate.
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