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The Law and Economics school has been in the media here in Australia in the past months.
Few scholars disagree that Austrian economists and their fellow travelers have made significant contributions to law and economics. Anyone familiar with the works of Carl Menger, Friedrich Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and Israel Kirzner recognizes their undeniable additions to law and economics, particularly in analyzing institutions, monopoly and antitrust laws, and regulations and their (unintended) consequences.
There is no doubt that what is generally known as law and economics is now a well-established scientific approach, settled in our intellectual landscape.
Cartels, competition and public procurement; law and economics approaches to bid rigging.
illustrate the problem of some approaches of the law and economics
This Article joins the critical conversation on the Great Recession and the role of law and economics in this crisis by examining neoclassical and contemporary law and economics from the perspective of legal rhetoric.
In recent years law and economics and the insights from behavioural sciences have met into the new domain referred to as 'behavioural law and economies'.
In the ensuing 30 years, Dave published over 100 articles and several books including Antitrust Economics and Law and Economics of Vertical Integration and Control.
The second annual issue will be a compendium of articles that focus on the legal side of law and economics, an approach that is intended to de-emphasize technical mathematics, while still providing access to economic insights about legal and policy issues.
"Review of Law & Economics" will be produced four times a year in association with the European Association of Law and Economics (EALE).
Indeed, anyone with curiosity about the connection between law and economics and the willingness to think through numerous examples should read this book.
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