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More I cannot do; but if ye will, I can save ye the shame that comes of killing a brother against whom there is no fault--a brother spoken for and bought into the Pack according to the Law of the Jungle."
"The Law of the Jungle" has aired since 2011 and places South Korean celebrities in groups that are sent out to test their survival skills in remote locations.
Animals resort to the law of the jungle for the simple reason that they lack the capacity for intelligent articulation of their positions.
'Pakistan is being run by the law of the jungle,' he said.
He said the government 'is inviting the law of the jungle' by constantly ignoring court orders.
However, while modern society may pride itself on replacing the law of the jungle with so-called civilised conduct, the fact is that human civilisation still views economic success as the primary marker of human achievement.
Baria Alamuddin This subversion of international law plunges us into a "law of the jungle," where global strongmen flex their military muscle to assert their position in the pecking order.
Kipling goes on to acknowledge that invididuals will be judged, even wrongly, by the company they keep, and that, without constant vigilance, the law of the jungle endures as "eat or be eaten".
You are trying to bring a law of the jungle in the country.'
'In an era where the law of the jungle prevails in the country, by not doing so as one despises the government, one gives credence to the mudslinging campaigns orchestrated by Rajitha Senaratne and the likes and provides them with an opportunity to continue with their favourites pastime.
In Law of the Jungle, the largest canvas in the show, the names of Hattie McDaniel and Bill Robinson are rendered in stark white over a smudged, grayish-black ground.
Rabbani claimed that Pakistan has operated under either the 'law of the jungle' or martial law in the past.