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Although a teacher by profession, Robins devoted much of his spare time to cricket and he will be particularly remembered for his deep knowledge of the laws of the game and as a trainer of umpires.
The official was charged with 'less than proficiently applying the laws of the game'.
"The laws of the game need explained and the website gives refs the chance to air their views."
The fifth and last demand is that FIFA issues a 'clear statement' that the world body 'does not condone breaches of the laws of the game - for a man in Mr Blatter's position to emphatise with someone who scored a goal by cheating is inappropriate'.
Where under the laws of the game does discretion come into play as Alan Wiley did when Chris Kirkland raised his hands and shoved Tim Cahill - not once, but repeatedly?
Can we really compare great Welsh rugby teams of the past with rugby teams of the present when the laws of the game have changed so much?
Next month a new football referees course kicks off in the town where prospective match officials can learn the laws of the game and then put them into practice on the field.
Referring to the sleeveless tops Cameroon pioneered, Blatter said: ''This is the second time the supplier has posed a problem to the laws of the game.
FIFA rejected this request today, by referring back to the Laws of the Game that govern all football matches.
I think we've kept out for long and I'm concerned that the referees are not applying the laws of the game."
CHELSEA insist Manchester United's claims they acted outside the laws of the game with regard to Nigerian teenager John Obi Mikel are "without foundation".
The East Wales Private Greens Bowling Association (EWPGBA) has had to make an embarrassing u-turn with respect to recent changes to the laws of the game.