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LCPLink Control Protocol
LCPLa Chaine Parlementaire (French: Parliamentary Channel; government TV network)
LCPLiquid Crystal Polymer
LCPLightweight Compact Pistol (Ruger)
LCPLeft Circularly Polarized
LCPLocal Coastal Plan (California)
LCPLanding Craft Personnel (WWII)
LCPLine Card Cover Plate
LCPLinux Certified Professional
LCPLight Component Project
LCPLayer Control Protocol
LCPLocking Compression Plate (orthopedics)
LCPLocal Currency Pricing
LCPLocal Control Panel
LCPLabor Code of the Philippines
LCPLinear Complementarity Problem
LCPLive-In Caregiver Program (work visa program; Canada)
LCPLivestock Compensation Program
LCPLiverpool Care Pathway for the Dying Patient (UK)
LCPLittle Computer People (computer game)
LCPLondon College of Printing (UK)
LCPLegg-Calve-Perthes (disease)
LCPLance Corporal
LCPLabor Compliance Program (Canada)
LCPLicensed Clinical Psychologist
LCPLarge Combustion Plant
LCPLocal Community Planning (UK)
LCPLocal Convergence Point (computer networking)
LCPLocal Comprehensive Plan (Massachusetts)
LCPLeadership Certificate Program (various schools)
LCPLebanese Communist Party (est. 1924; Lebanon)
LCPLong-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid
LCPLiverpool Care of the Dying Pathway (Liverpool, England, UK)
LCPLinux Certified Professional (Sair Linux and GNU certification)
LCPLeast-Cost Path
LCPLawyers Cooperative Publishing
LCPLetter Carrier Presort (Canada Post)
LCPLeague of Canadian Poets
LCPLeft-Hand Circular Polarization
LCPLanguage and Culture Program (various organizations)
LCPLions Club Park (various locations)
LCPLife Cycle Plan
LCPLeft Circular Polarization
LCPLight Compensation Point
LCPLog Collection Platform (Symantec Corporation)
LCPLesbian Community Project
LCPLarge Collaborative Project
LCPLocal Calling Plan (telecommunications; various companies)
LCPLearning Communities Program
LCPLansing City Pulse (publication; Lansing, MI)
LCPLowcountry Community Players (Walterboro, SC)
LCPLanguage Conversion Program
LCPLabor Certification Program
LCPLiteracy Community Planning (Canada)
LCPLifestyle Communities Pavilion (music venue; Columbus, OH)
LCPLower Control Panel (vehicle repair)
LCPLiberian Collections Project (Indiana University)
LCPLaboratory of Cancer Prevention
LCPLaunch Control Post
LCPLaunch Control Panel
LCPLead-Containing Paint
LCPLife Cycle Phase
LCPLocal Complex Potential (electron-atom scattering)
LCPLocal Control Point
LCPLetter Change Proposal
LCPLine Communication Processor
LCPLivermore Conversion Project (Oakland, CA)
LCPLicentiate of the College of Preceptors
LCPLeased Circuit program
LCPLocal Coherent Potential
LCPLogical Central Processor (IBM mainframes)
LCPLocation Characterization Plan
LCPLogistics Calibration Procedure
LCPLogistics Capability Plan
LCPLockup Clutch Pressure
LCPLight Communications Package
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Formerly, Cater was senior vice president, southern division, for Lawyers Cooperative Publishing.
According to a recent Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Company survey of how New York law librarians perform research, their use of books over the last two years has experienced a dramatic decline.
Lawyers Cooperative Publishing (LCP), Bancroft-whitney (B-W), and Clark Boardman Callaghan (CBC) have announced the integration of a wide range of CD-ROM legal research tools and a future link to WESTLAW, West Information Publishing Group's (WIPG) computer-assisted legal research service.
Ideally we would have liked to see Lawyers Cooperative Publishing in its entirety divested, but that obviously wasn't in the cards.
The brand new Federal Register on LawDesk from Lawyers Cooperative Publishing saves both valuable time and energy in the ever-changing regulatory and administrative arena where there is only one constant--the need to get information and get it quickly.
The Washington, DC-based Counterpoint publishing (acquired by Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Company midsummer, 1994) publishes the CFR on CD-ROM and the Federal Register on CD-ROM.
Lawyers Cooperative Publishing has joined many other legal publishers by producing several of their print titles on CD-ROM.
The survey, conducted by Lawyers Cooperative Publishing, was sent to members of the American Association of Law Librarians (AALL) in the Greater New York and Upper New York chapters.
Lawyers Cooperative Publishing has just added three new CDs to its integrated LawDesk Library.
United States Supreme Court Reports, Lawyers Edition 2d, published by Lawyers Cooperative Publishing.