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LFCJLawyers for Civil Justice (Washington, DC)
LFCJLandelijke Federatie Chinese Jongerenverenigingen (Dutch)
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A good example of the IADC's focus on advancing the Rule of Law is its participation at a high level with Lawyers for Civil Justice ("LCJ") for the past thirty years.
In 1991, Lawyers for Civil Justice - a national coalition of defense trial lawyers and corporate counsel spearheaded a continuing effort to establish an "early warning system" to monitor plaintiffs' protective orders legislation and to respond to legislative initiatives.
The IADC, in collaboration with Lawyers for Civil Justice, published an unprecedented issue of the Defense Counsel Journal devoted to these important changes in October and assured that a copy of that insightful work reached every federal judge in the United States in advance of the effective date of the new rules.
14-31256), Lawyers for Civil Justice supported defendant Takeda Pharmaceutical's appeal to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse a judgement in the Western District of Louisiana.
Our work with Lawyers for Civil Justice is a good example of working to maintain the balance of the system while ensuring that it meets the challenges of the twenty-first century.
At the Lawyers for Civil Justice meeting in early December, there was considerable discussion regarding the misuse and misapplication of legal theories such as the tort of public nuisance by plaintiffs' attorneys in order to achieve an end and assess liability through the use of this theory, a theory never intended to be used in this manner.
As one of the founders of the Lawyers for Civil Justice ("LCJ"), IADC has a long history of promoting civil justice reform.
November 6-7, Lawyers for Civil Justice Fall Meeting, New York City
A more detailed descriptions of the issues and the testimony offered can be found at the Lawyers for Civil Justice website, www.lfcj.com.
At the April Lawyers for Civil Justice meeting in Washington, D.C., the presidents of several defense bar organizations had the opportunity of participating in a panel discussion led by Business Week contributing editor Mike France.
That coalition now has matured into Lawyers for Civil Justice. And indeed the IADC has maintained close liaison with LCJ, whose current president is Kevin J.
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