LbpBLactoferrin Binding Protein B
LbpBLondon Baptist Property Board (est. 1906; UK)
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The proteomic analysis of Mc6 OMVs conducted by LC-MS/MS spectrometry revealed that pivotal outer membrane proteins packaged in these vesicles were OmpCD, OmpE, UspA1, Hag/MID, CopB, MhuA, TbpA, TbpB, LbpB, OMP M35, and MipA [35].
These include genes encoding proteins involved in obtaining iron from the host (fbpC and lbpB); genes that code for proteins involved in the formation of pili, neisserial surface structures that are important for motility and attachment to host cells (pilC, pilT, pilQ, pilS, and pilW); and genes coding for additional adhesins (nadA, opa).