LBSCLondon, Brighton, South Coast (British railway)
LBSCLos Banos Science Community (est. 1984; University of the Philippines)
LBSCLong Beach Surf Club (California)
LBSCLeighton Buzzard Swimming Club (UK)
LBSCLargs Bay Sailing Club (Largs Bay, South Australia, Australia)
LBSCLittle Brothers & Sisters of Charity
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Section III presents our proposed LBSC algorithm in detail.
For solving the above-mentioned problems, we propose a LBSC algorithm for improving connectivity and avoiding inter-cluster collisions.
In order to select [CH.sub.NXT] and perform LBSC algorithm with four directions properly, we define a new type of node so-called decision node (DN) which is one of the neighbor nodes of the current CH.
LBSC algorithm is to ensure that the each control packet transmitted by certain nodes at the same time have not suffered from packet collisions during the clustering procedure because destinations of those nodes are located out of the transmission range each other.
3, in order to distinguish four global groups, LBSC algorithm uses three logical addresses as follows.
After cluster formation is successfully performed using LBSC algorithm, we can distinguish four global groups and establish time schedule for concurrent data transmissions based on cluster addresses denoted by [A.sub.1] x [A.sub.2] = odd x odd, [A.sub.1] x [A.sub.2] = odd x even, [A.sub.1] x [A.sub.2] = even x odd, and [A.sub.1] x [A.sub.2] = even x even as shown in Fig.
In LBSC, as addressed in Section 2, the rotation of cluster heads supports the evenly distributed energy consumption among the sensor nodes.
Regarding the role of library networks and organizations, the WSSD applauded the use of library networks and programs such LBSC. (10) The WSSD also regards the existing international networking capacities of IFLA, the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, as a conduit for understanding, promoting and implementing sustainable programs.
In the first round of accreditation of LBSCs, undertaken during 1996, 27 organizations were accredited as official LBSCs (15 full accreditation, 12 partial accreditation).
The first assessments of the functioning LBSCs reveal a diverse range of experiences.(39) Based on several interviews with functioning LBSCs, the broad conclusion is that most of them make a real contribution towards poverty eradication as well as reduction of racial economic inequalities.
(36) The discussion on LBSCs draws heavily from Ntsika Enterprise Promotion Agency, Local Business Service Centre programme: Unpublished draft document prepared for the Stakeholders Workshop (Midrand: 21 August 1998).
Special thanks to all members of LBSC for their assistance during the development of this study, to Dr.