LCDCPLimited Contact Dynamic Compression Plate (orthopedics; also seen as LC-DCP)
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Schnetzke [7] used superior surface plates' either LCP' LCDCP or hook plates with no statistical difference between the plates.
Titanium LCDCP was used in the treatment of 50 humeral shaft fractures in the Government medical college, Amritsar.
In the first group, 4.5 mm narrow stainless steel LCDCP was used and in the second group, 4.5 mm narrow DCP was used.
Once the patient was randomized, Pre-operative planning and investigations were done and the patients were treated with DCP or LCDCP. After the surgery, the arm was immobilized with a U slab till the pain decreased and then movements of the shoulder and elbow were started.
15 patients were treated with DCP and 15 were treated with LCDCP. The age of the patients in the DCP group ranged from 19 to 60 years with a mean age of 38.06 years.
Fifteen fractures occurred in the middle one third of the diaphysis 8 in the DCP group and 7 in the LCDCP group.
In the LCDCP group, one patient had head injury which was managed conservatively, one had a type 2 open fracture of the tibia which was treated with an external fixator which was removed at 6 weeks and a cast applied, one patient had a supracondylar fracture of the contralateral humerus which was treated with open reduction and K-wire fixation, one patient had a fracture of the shaft of the right femur at the isthmus which was fixed with a K nail and one patient had a soft tissue injury of the ipsilateral knee.
The average time taken for clinical union was 11.33 weeks in the DCP group and 10.66 weeks in the LCDCP group.
The average time taken for radiological union was 16.53 weeks in the DCP group and 15.86 weeks in the LCDCP group.