LdNPVLymantria Dispar Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus
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Cuando las celulas Ld652Y se coinfectaron con el AcNPV y el LdNPV, el primero fue capaz de producir infeccion viral (Thiem 1997), sugiriendo que la presencia del factor hrf-1 del LdNPV fue capaz de ampliar el rango de hospederos del AcNPV.
Subsequent work by Dwyer (unpublished data) has shown that the "half-life" of LdNPV is [approximately equal to]4 d.
Both foliage density (F = 5.78; df = 1, 15; P = 0.0296) and the density of infected insects (F = 14.3; df = 1, 15; P = 0.0018) significantly affected the proportion of insects dying from LdNPV. There was no significant interaction effect between foliage density and the number of infected insects (F = 0.259; df = 1,15; P = 0.6182).