LDSHLatter Day Saints Hospital (Salt Lake City, UT)
LDSHLow-Dose Subcutaneous Heparin (medication)
LDSHLord Strathcona Horse (Royal Canadians)
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patterns loadg is ldsb | ldsh | ldub | lduh | id | ldstub | swap constructors
When the pattern loadg is given as the opcode in a constructor specification, it is expanded into individual disjuncts, and the construct is equivalent to repeated specifications of ldsb, ldsh, etc.
By failing in their duty towards Stuart, allegedly, the LdSH may have acted negligently.
Here, the allegation of criminal negligence merited investigation because the Canadian Forces may have owed a fiduciary duty toward Stuart Langridge, the LdSH chain of command knew that Stuart was suicidal, and the LdSH failed to provide care to Stuart Lmgridge, which led to his suicide.
Tickers featured: BA, CAT, DRS, FLIR, GD, HRS, JCM, LDSH, LLL, MOG.
He writes: "No mention of the tank support from B Sqn LdSH (RC) that night.
In our next issue I'll follow the adventures and misadventures of the embryo C Squadron, LdSH in Fort Lewis, and the Regiment's tour of duty in Korea (not forgetting how the OC acquired another, more familiar, nickname).