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LPRLicense Plate Recognition
LPRLine Printer
LPRLe Poisson Rouge (French: The Red Fish)
LPRLawful Permanent Resident
LPRLaryngopharyngeal Reflux
LPRLegal Permanent Resident
LPRLiga Polskich Rodzin (Polish political party)
LPRLiving Planet Report
LPRLine Printer Requester
LPRLine Printer Remote
LPRLeague of Polish Families (Poland)
LPRLinear Polarization Resistance
LPRLanguage Proficiency Requirement (various locations)
LPRLoss of Power
LPRLotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe (Polish Medical Air Rescue)
LPRLight Pollution Reduction (filter type for telescope eyepiece)
LPRLate-Phase Reaction (immunology)
LPRLicitacion por Registro (Spanish: Registration Tender; various locations)
LPRLow Pressure Regulator (paintball)
LPRLocal Positioning Radar
LPRLa Polla Records (Spanish band)
LPRLimited Production Run
LPRAmphibious Transport (Small)
LPRLine Printer Request
LPRLow Priority Request
LPRLiquid-Phase Polymer-Based Retention
LPRLocal Primary Reference (Telcom Solutions)
LPRLaser Plasma Reflectometer
LPRLinear Programming Relaxation
LPRSaami, Northern (Norwegian language SIL code)
LPRLost Policy Release (Insurance)
LPRLes Précieuses Ridicules (Nijmegen)
LPRLow-Pressure Receiver
LPRLocal Percentile Rank
LPRLaurent-Perrier Rose (champagne)
LPRLow Pressure Rotor
LPRLeadership Potential Rating
LPRLetter Proposal Retrofit
LPRLondon Property Review Ltd
LPRLaboratory Property Removal
LPRLate Procurement Request
LPRLocal Payment Receipt
LPRLower Principal Representation
LPRLogic Program Register
LPRLaxity-Driven Proactive Resource Allocation
LPRLocal Problem Report
LPRLinear Phase Recorder (Sprint)
LPRLongs Peak Route (Estes Park, CO postal route)
LPRLow Power Removal
LPRLow-cost Pocket Radios
LPRLoss Prevention Report
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Jay has also done work as director of productions for Le Poisson Rouge in New York, for the Pulitzer-winning opera (Du Yun's 'Angel's Bone'), and for the Japanese rock band toe.
This year's awards event will take place in New York at Le Poisson Rouge on June 3.
I had a nightmare when writing this talk in which I was opening for Chris Rock at the Manhattan venue Le Poisson Rouge.
BGB always plays to packed houses at top avant-garde venues, including the Kumble Theater, Le Poisson Rouge, and WoW Cafe Theater.
This spring, he performed a show at the Le Poisson Rouge, a hip venue in Greenwich Village.
yelled out the enthused emcee at Le Poisson Rouge, at one point, this Saturday night.
His Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village has become the hotbed of the cutting edge, but, importantly, it is also a venue for food and drink alongside the adventurous programming he offers there.
The nightclub "The Village Gate" was formerly located at the property and is now home to Le Poisson Rouge.
Five years later, the company began providing audio system installation for performance-centered construction and renovation projects, including Gotham venues New Victory Theater, Le Poisson Rouge and St.
As the festival website proclaimed, it was an evening where the festival went out with "one last tassel twirl" at Manhattan's Le Poisson Rouge Nightclub.
We're always down for one last sweaty summer hurrah at Le Poisson Rouge, especially when we have Bass Ale to press against our foreheads (and consume