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The passport office has promised to letus k now if he makes an application for a new one," he said.
llond ein croen' ddeudwn ni, nid ceisio byw ar letus a seleri oedd yr ateb, ond symud mwy.
Letus 2007-09 1st year of 2-year term EAST BAY CHAPTER [3] Robert Y.
Michael Eulau, Joseph Lanza, Juan Soto, Cindy Young and Thomas Letus were mentioned in the Aug.
DISAPPOINTMENT in her love life led Lis Letus to living the life of a tramp among the farming community of old Montgomeryshire in the 1930s.
The playwright is Mari Rhian Owen, a native of Llanfyllin, who says that she had long been entranced by tales she had heard in childhood about Lis Letus.
I realised that Lis Letus was a revolutionary figure for her time.
The play, entitled simply Letus, is being staged by Theatr Arad Goch, and rehearsals have been ongoing for the last three weeks at the company's Aberystwyth base.
Sara Harris-Davies portrays Lis Letus, while the other members of the cast are Meilyr Sion and I wan Tudor.
A native of Aberaeron in Ceredigion who now lives in Cardiff,Meilyr Sion is now looking forward to taking to the road with Letus when the production sets off on a short nationwide tour in October.