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LFLow Frequency (30-300 kHz; 10-1km)
LFLooking For
LFLine Feed
LFLebanese Forces
LFLarge Format
LFLead Free (bullet)
LFLittle Fighter (game)
LFLake Forest (Orange County, California)
LFLethal Factor (microbiology)
LFLoad Factor
LFLace Front (wigs)
LFLeft Foot (dance)
LFLife Fitness
LFLogical Framework
LFLeft Front
LFLoaf (street type)
LFLight Front (physics)
LFLife Fellow
LFLeapFrog Enterprises Inc. (stock symbol; Emeryville, CA)
LFLeonel Fernandez (Dominican Republic president)
LFLinux Format (UK magazine)
LFLatex Free (latex allergies)
LFLöschgruppenfahrzeug (German: fire department)
LFLuminosity Function
LFLinear Foot
LFLabor Force (economics)
LFLeft Forward
LFLoanable Fund
LFLive Feed (film)
LFLoi de Finances (French: Finance Law)
LFLeft-Arm Fast (cricket; also seen as LAF)
LFLive Fire
LFLymphatic Filariasis
LFLife Force
LFLiberation Front
LFLife Form
LFLeading Firefighter
LFLong Float (C programming language)
LFLoop Filter
LFLocationFree Player (Sony WiFi base)
LFLove and Friendship
LFLanding Force
LFLove Forever
LFLate Fee
LFLargest Frame
LFLaunch Facility (USAF Minuteman missile)
LFLadle Furnace (metallurgy)
LFLate Finish
LFLilith Fair
LFLight Fantastic (book by Terry Pratchett)
LFLine Fit
LFLight Fine
LFLight Face
LFLine Finder
LFLoud Family (band)
LFLocally Funded
LFLiver Flush
LFLucio Fulci (director)
LFLa Farola (Revista cultural de los Maristas de Alicante y sus alumnos)
LFLegendary Frog (Flash movie maker)
LFFree-Space Loss
LFLoud Fan
LFLissajous Figure
LFLutece Falco
LFLow Forage
LFLedger Folio
LFLogistics Function
LFLeft Field(er) (baseball)
LFLucas Films Ltd.
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However, the change to lead free colourants doesn't equal a drop-in performance as seen in many other systems on the market.
To view Twin City Hose's list of lead free products go to: www.twincityhose.com/ul-classified.html
The 2012 Hodgdon Annual Manual features so much more than any typical manual: 100+ pages of rifle and pistol data, with well over 5,000 shown loads, information on 30 Hodgdon, 19 IMR and 10 Winchester brand powders, new .300 AAC Blackout data, lead free bullet recipes for 21 rifle cartridges, and seven highly anticipated articles on such topics as economical handloading with lead free "green" bullets by some of the top industry outdoor writers.
It's important to note that higher temperature laminates are normally used for lead free fabrication requirements such as FR406, IS410 or HR 370 that can withstand upwards of 270[degrees]C or higher.
This lane is to qualify concealed weapon permit applicants using calibers that are not yet available lead free, which only amounts to about 200 rounds a week.
December 2005 saw the kickoff of the initial meeting of a DoD Executive Lead Free Integrated Process Team (ELF-IPT).
(IPC/JEDEC Global Conference on Lead Free Reliability and Reliability Testing for RoHS Lead-Free Electronics, April 2007)
The electronic industry will be facing great challenges over the next few years as the solder used in electronic products is migrating toward lead free. This is being driven by mandates in Europe such as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and Restrictions of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and similar ones in Japan.
The company has also introduced a new Lead Free Conformal Coating (LFCC), to support lead free manufacturing.
18-20 International Conference on Lead Free Electronic Components and Assemblies San Jose, CA Contact: www.ipc.org/calendar/FLCFP405.pdf
They include: emergency repairs, owner occupied co-ops and condos, areas where lead based paint was removed and certified lead free by a licensed inspector and areas certified lead free via XRF analysis or paint chip sampling by a certified lead testing firm.
Background: Most lead free alloys contain bismuth (Bi) as the major alloying element.