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LHILocal Heritage Initiative
LHILanka Hydraulic Institute (Sri Lanka)
LHILewis Hyman, Inc. (est. 1930)
LHILeading Health Indicator
LHILillehei Heart Institute (Minneapolis, MN)
LHILarry Head Institute (Neurodiagnostics training school; Monroe, MI)
LHILeasehold Improvement
LHILars Hoej Informatik A/S (Danish translation technology company)
LHILipschitz-Hankel Integral
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Rose said working toward the Leading Health Indicator objective on a statewide scale was a valuable experience.
Blakey said the plan is to include Leading Health Indicators in Healthy People 2030, but it is too early to determine which ones and how many will be in the new edition.
Its is leading health indicators are community and prevention centered.
Public Health Action: YRBS data are used to measure progress toward achieving 20 national health objectives for Healthy People 2020 and one of the 26 leading health indicators; to assess trends in priority health-risk behaviors among high school students; and to evaluate the impact of broad school and community interventions at the national, state, and local levels.
Department of Health and Human Services will present the leading health indicators for Healthy People 2020 at 10:30 a.m.
Indeed, these mandated services are linked to 8 of the 10 leading health indicators for "Healthy People 2010." Furthermore, the services go beyond the health of woman by also including their children, families, and links to the greater community.
Department of Health and Human Services, 2000) identified injury and violence prevention as one of the nation's leading health indicators for the future.
It is a national prevention 'blueprint' with two goals, 467 health objectives, and 10 leading health indicators to improve the health of all individuals and communities.
Moreover, one can argue that the results of this disjunction are readily apparent in the poor standing of the United States relative to other industrialized nations in many leading health indicators. Recent rankings of countries that participate in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) place the United States below the OECD mean in life expectancy, 28th among a group of 39 industrialized nations in infant mortality, and highest among a group of 30 industrialized nations in cancer incidence.
Leading health indicators from the Healthy People 2010 initiative prioritize the most pressing public health issues facing the United States.
The Leading Health Indicators are a subset of the Healthy People 2010 objectives and were chosen for emphasis because they account for more than 50% of the leading preventable causes of morbidity and premature morality in the US.
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