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LRVLos Roques, Venezuela
LRVLight-Rail Vehicle
LRVLight Recreational Vehicle
LRVLeisure Recreational Vehicle
LRVLuxury Recreational Vehicle
LRVLunar Roving Vehicle
LRVLight Reconnaissance Vehicle (gaming)
LRVLog Reduction Value (filtration)
LRVLog Removal Value (US EPA)
LRVLeague of Rural Voters (est. 1985)
LRVLaunch Readines Verification (US NASA)
LRVLower Range Value
LRVLenticular Reentry Vehicle
LRVLoisirs Rixheim Vélos (French cycling club; Rixheim, France)
LRVLowest Relative Value
LRVLeaf Roll Virus
LRVLight Reflectivity Value
LRVLight Recovery Vehicle
LRVLiquid Reactor Vessel
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Leaf roll virus diminishes the quality and volume of the harvest.
Last year, only 35 out of more than half a million vines revealed signs of leaf roll virus.
Elimination Potato Virus Y (PVY) and Potato Leaf Roll Virus (PLRV) Using Cryotherapy of in vitro grown Potato Shoot Tips.
ELISAbased screening of potato germplasm against potato leaf roll virus.
Leaf roll virus can decrease yields and turn parts of the potato flesh brown, making it unacceptable for either the fresh or processed market.
Farmers in Idaho, Washington, and Oregon spend about $112 million each year to control them, especially potato viruses X and Y and leaf roll virus.
When I first began working here, in the mid-70's, 38 percent of the potatoes harvested had potato leaf roll virus," says Thomas.