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LNTLeave No Trace
LNTLinens N' Things (retail chain)
LNTAlliant Energy Corp. (stock symbol)
LNTLean NOx Trap
LNTLate Night Talk
LNTLinear No-threshold Theory (radiation exposure)
LNTLevantamento de Necessidades de Treinamento
LNTLarsen and Toubro (engineers)
LNTLow NOx Technology
LNTLate Night Trivia (Carleton University; Canada)
LNTLatvian National Television
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Three diesel passenger vehicles were tested: a VW Jetta, which used a lean NOx trap to treat its emissions, and a BMW X5 and VW Passat, both of which used selective catalytic reduction exhaust systems.
A next-generation clean diesel engine that will meet global emissions regulations without expensive NOx aftertreatments - urea selective catalytic reduction (SCR) or a Lean NOx Trap (LNT) - thanks to the world's lowest diesel engine compression ratio of 14.0:1
"The opposite strategy of reducing NOx significantly with the aftertreatment would have meant either SCR (selective catalytic reduction) using urea as a reductant, or a lean NOx trap technique.
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Steward noted that potential projects include the development of emission-reduction devices and strategies, such as model-based controls, lean NOx trap regeneration and control strategies with a flexible fuel and valve-actuation system engine.
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