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Learn to box, then, as you learn to play cricket and football.
You'll have to learn to play like other children does when they haven't got sisters and brothers.
Since 2013, the RBC Learn to Play Project has taught children how to jump, throw, run, swim, skate and more.
Under-11s team manager Vickie Glantz said: "Most of our current 11s started Learn To Play when the forum re-opened in June 2011, and the team has gone from strength to strength.
In year 5 all children are given the unique opportunity to learn to play the harp.
The event is part of the wider National Learn To Play Day - a countrywide campaign run by the Music For All charity to encourage people to get involved with making music.
When you learn to play the piano, you expect that you will hit the wrong notes a couple times and are prepared to try again and keep playing; you need to have the same expectation with weight loss and to plan accordingly," he added.
Coun Lynette Kelly (Lab, Henley), Coventry City Council's cabinet member for education, said: "The class band scheme is a fantastic way to give more children the opportunity to learn to play an instrument and being part of a band makes it all the more exciting for them.
Roger Jackson, Lawn Tennis Association coach at the club, said: "Mini tennis is the perfect way to learn to play tennis in a fun and competitive way.
READ UP: If you're new to chess but want to learn to play, pick up The Everything Chess Basics Book: The Rules, The Moves, and the Strategies--All You Need to Know to Play the Game (Adams Media Corp.
As well as 400 children currently studying at the school, parents and grandparents are also being invited to learn to play the piano.
To arm girls and young women with the proper tools to learn to play guitar, build self-esteem and infiltrate the male-dominated guitar-playing world, and inspire girls to learn to play because these guitars are made especially for them