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LTRLong Terminal Repeat
LTRLong Term Relationship
LTRLeft to Right
LTRletter size (US Postal Service)
LTRLow Thermal Resistance
LTRLittlerock (Amtrak station code; Littlerock, CA)
LTRLikelihood to Recommend (market research surveys)
LTRLanguage Temps Reel
LTRLearn to Ride (snowboarding)
LTRLearn to Read (education)
LTRLoad Task Register
LTRLearn to Row (rowing instruction)
LTRLogic Trunked Radio (trunked two-way radio)
LTRLong Term Research
LTRLifetime Risk
LTRLoop Transfer Recovery
LTRLibrary Technology Reports (American Library Association publication)
LTRLight Tactical Rifle (gun)
LTRLong Term Romance
LTRLaser Tracker Receiver (Apache attack helicopter)
LTRLearn To Return
LTRLeisure Tyme Rentals, Inc. (Albemarle, NC)
LTRLittle Theatre of the Rockies
LTRLower Troposphere Radar
LTRLoss of Therapeutic Response (drug efficacy)
LTRLove Trust Respect
LTRLevel Term Rider (life insurance)
LTRLady To Ride
LTRLicensing Topical Report
LTRLong Term Requirement
LTRLand Tenure Regularisation
LTRLong-Term Return Rate (TL 9000)
LTRLower Trunk Rotation (physical therapy)
LTRLight Tactical Raft
LTRLaser Transmitter Receiver (LANTIRN)
LTRLicensing Topical Reports
LTRLead Technical Representative
LTRLight Transmission Ratio
LTRLaser Target Rangefinder
LTRLong-Term Recall (neuropsychology)
LTRLoving Tender Relationship
LTRLocal Transaction Request (computer processing)
LTRLogistics Training Review
LTRLossless Trace Reduction
LTRLocal Travel Report (AMSEC)
LTRLoan against Trust Receipts
LTRLepidoptera of Turkey (Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara project)
References in classic literature ?
The first actual pain which Miss Crawford occasioned her was the consequence of an inclination to learn to ride, which the former caught, soon after her being settled at Mansfield, from the example of the young ladies at the Park, and which, when Edmund's acquaintance with her increased, led to his encouraging the wish, and the offer of his own quiet mare for the purpose of her first attempts, as the best fitted for a beginner that either stable could furnish.
He used to buy all my books; he paid for my lessons; and once, when the fancy took me to learn to ride, the good soul himself found me out a riding-school, went thither with me, and anticipated my wishes by putting a horse at my disposal whenever I had a holiday.
uk/Cycling WHETHER you have always wanted to learn to ride, just want to update your skills or need practical help for on-road cycling, cycle training could be the answer - giving you the confidence to get out on your bike, whenever and wherever you want to go
The Women Learn To Ride Project is funded by the Forestry Commission and Cycling Scotland and, although it initially targeted women from the black and minority ethnic communities, it is open to all.
The scheme gives potential motorcyclists a more accessible route not only to rider training but also to the Ducati brand and the chance to learn to ride one of the most iconic bikes of modern times.
Now, Cherry has hooked up with Op Girls Learn to Ride action sports clinics to blow out a board for beginners who haven't yet hit the scene.
Trust, beauty, control, power, speed, coordination, and the overwhelming appreciation of the horse taking care of them like a partner--these are qualities that develop as campers learn to ride safely and successfully.
For Connor Byrne from Limerick had to learn to ride a motorbike for his role as Rob 'Hyper' Sharpe in the show.
If they help, you will learn to ride a bike faster than if you tried to teach yourself.
Aimed at the over 16s and family groups, the sessions will offer the chance to learn to ride, improve skills, repair punctures, and learn quick bike fixes.