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00pm will also mention the redesign of mental health and learning disabilities services across the Clackmannanshire and Stirling Health and Social Care Partnership.
As planners and providers of services it's vital that we listen to those people who use our learning disabilities services so that we can plan and provide more efficiently for them.
A second core theme was a need for clearer referral pathways to specialist learning disabilities services, other supporting services, and between midwifery and health visiting services.
Other speakers confirmed include Bette Frances, policy manager for the care and support in the Adult Care and Support division of the Scottish Government; Dr Maggie Woodhouse, a senior lecturer at Cardiff University who has runs a special assessment clinic for people with learning disabilities; Linda Allan, a consultant nurse for learning disabilities in the Greater Glasgow & Clyde NHS area; and Linda Mitchell, national practice and development manager for the RNIB's Visual Impairment and Learning Disabilities Services.
Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust will assume responsibility for all inpatient and community mental health and learning disabilities services in south Powys, while the newly merged North Wales NHS Trust will take over those in the north of the county.
He added: "A significant part of the overspending is attributable to the learning disabilities services where there is evidence of unavoidable increased demand from service users for higher cost support.
Steve Wade, director of learning disabilities services said the unit housed people who needed a higher level of support.
Roger Telphia, chief executive of Future Housing and Community Care and a non-executive director of South Birmingham Primary Care Trust, said: 'At Future Housing we were receiving many more applications for jobs than we could place, 'Yet I knew that the Trust's learning disabilities services were always on the lookout for care workers, particularly from ethnic communities - so it seemed like a golden opportunity to link the two organisations for mutual benefit.
They will also be at Woodloes House in Warwick and Tiddington Fields in Stratford, both run mental health services for older people, Heathcote House in Warwick, offering learning disabilities services, and Woodleigh Beeches in Warwick, which deals with substance misuse and eating disorders.
2014 the Contracting Authority established a 16 lot framework (Framework) for NHS Wales Health Boards re: provision of mental health and learning disabilities services.
Steven Michael, trust chief executive, said: "Mental health and learning disabilities services have seen vast changes for the better over the last 60 years.
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