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"Avation's fleet assets and monthly lease rental collections are at record levels and weighted average age and lease term metrics remain strong.
Water related loans extended by the federal government to the Selangor State Government exceeding RM1.1 billion will also be restructured into long term lease rental.
The decrease was driven by a USD 7.7 million decline in lease rental and finance and sales-type lease revenues, partially offset by a USD 5.0 million increase in the gain on the sale of flight equipment.
Continuation of lease rentals in case of total loss or theft of vehicle.
Bistoyong said they are discouraging the farmers to go into lease agreement with private investors as most of the complaints DAR receives from the ARBs stemmed from this kind of scheme, "especially so if the lease rental is very low as to not give them earnings or income to provide a descent life for them."
The rental comparison of the similar type of aircraft were undertaken, wherein it was noticed that the monthly lease rentals to M/ S Veling Narain Ltd was to the tune of $ 1,99,164 ( ` 1,28,44,000) and M/ S Veling Sacheedanand Ltd to the tune of $ 1,98,557 ( ` 1,28,05,000), which was comparatively on a higher side than those provided by other aircraft leasing companies of the same class of aircraft.
"Of course, there are insurance costs to consider, and we must also account for the residual value; another important determinant in lease rental. Once we have collected this information, we return to the client with a lease rental price.
Taxation of Lessees: The lease rental payments if paid to a registered leasing company by the lessee are tax deductible.
The series 2018 lease revenue bonds are payable from the county's lease rental payments to LACF for use and occupancy of the new office building and adjacent parking garage to be constructed using the bond proceeds.
The latest firm availing of a payment scheme was Japanese pioneer company Koryo Subic Inc., which would pay $219,688 for lease rental of its three expansion areas, as well as Cusa fee amounting to P394,491.
Lease rental income increased for the fourth consecutive quarter and is up 8% compared to the first quarter of the year as we benefit from new container investments and further improvements in utilization.