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LUBLunds Universitets Bibliotek (Swedish: Lunds University Library; Lund, Sweden)
LUBLeast Upper Bound (mathematics)
LUBLove U Back
LUBLibera Università di Bolzano
LUBLubrication Chart (TMINS)
LUBLeast Understood Branch (American Bar Association project)
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Consider the axioms for a complete, separable, ordered continuum, for example; classically, this includes the least upper bound principle or something strong enough to imply it, and, of course, it will specify a total, linear ordering.
o] from the least upper bound on evolution, which may be much closer to [t.
For Carter [1989a], a step in the evolutionary process is critical just in case it is both 'difficult' and 'essential', where difficult steps are those unlikely to occur before the least upper bound on the time evolution can continue on earth, and essential steps are necessary conditions for the evolution of intelligent life.