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LNCBLeave No Child Behind
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She said the theme for the day: Leave no child behind for Africa's development emphasised the importance of creating and maintaining a safe and conducive environment for children to grow, develop and mature properly.
Yet, under NCLB, despite its intention to "leave no child behind," more and more children are marginalized in a bare-bones educational system.
Initiative to leave no child behind leaves out gifted.
If we really wanted to leave no child behind, wouldn't we see to it that those most likely to fall behind have the best teachers we can find?
Legislative language dies hard in Washington, however, and some of Torricelli's wording on school pesticide restrictions can also be found within the environmental title of a massive omnibus bill called the Act to Leave No Child Behind. This act, not to be confused with the Bush administration's education legislation, was introduced in May 2001 by Senator Christopher Dodd (Democrat-CT) and Representative George Miller (Democrat-CA) with additional support from the Children's Defense Fund, an advocacy group based in Washington, DC.
What if we really did leave no child behind? In 1978, a Bronx, New York, public school teacher named Gary Simons answered that question by starting Prep for Prep, a program that prepares talented students for the academic rigors of the top private schools in the Northeast.
This paper reviews four major initiatives to improve early reading and literacy programs in the U.S.: (1) Title One Reading, (2) Reading Excellence Act, (3) Even Start Family Literacy Program, and (4) Leave No Child Behind Act.
Four major reading initiatives are described: (1) Title One Reading, (2) Reading Excellence Act, (3) Even Start Family Literacy Program, and (4) Leave No Child Behind Act.
The Leave No Child Behind Act is a wake-up call to students to reclaim their privacy, to reinvest their energy into demanding quality education, and to remind their leaders that stealing money from education to pay for the military is unacceptable.
In Texas, where now President George Bush was governor, officials think they have a jumpstart on meeting new federal legislation that strives to leave no child behind.
If we are to leave no child behind, we need to reach every child every day.
To leave no child behind, we must abolish high-stakes testing.