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At practically every major appearance, he repeated the statements which he had given at the end of 2016, such as, "Our holdings in foreign currency allow us to think that we can keep the Lebanese lira stable," or affirmations of determination for maintaining interest rates.
The Central Bank requested in August that Lebanese commercial banks use surplus funds, which they generate by selling local-currency government bonds from their portfolio and buying eurobonds simultaneously, as provisions in Lebanese liras to be included in their Tier 2 capital.
He is however quick to point out that short to medium term risk is not as much and it's still interesting to put money into Lebanese lira.
Salameh: Lebanese Lira stable NNA - Prime Minister Tammam Salam confirmed that the Lebanese Pound (Lira) has been able to maintain its status despite all political crises, economic downturn and terrorist threats, adding that Lebanon succeeded despite all pressures to maintain the stability of its financial status.
However, the unique quality of Lebanon's debt is that it's predominantly due to Lebanese creditors, both local banks, and resident creditors, in Lebanese lira (60 percent) and US dollars (40 percent).
Khalil reiterated that the Lebanese lira is stable and there is no real risk to the financial situation.
AL-MUSTAQBAL: Five servicemen wounded in another blast "Al-Sabil " Security sources confirm "Daesh" responsibility Salameh: legislation is necessity, Lebanese Lira safe AL-AKHBAR: Rai supports holding legislative session Ad-Diyar: Terrorism attacks Army again in Ersal Does a new situation start?
On the other hand, the increase in the tax on interests paid on deposits, or on state treasury bills in Lebanese lira from 5 percent to 7 percent, could have been advantageously replaced by a decline in interests paid by the treasury on its borrowings in Lebanese lira and US dollars, or by the decline in the central bank payment of high interests on the certificates of deposits it issues for subscription by local banks.
Summary: Speaking before a packed conference room of Arab bankers and financial analysts, Lebanon's Central Bank governor tried to reassure the audience that the Lebanese lira was stable, despite recent rumors of an unstable currency.
Salameh pointed out that amongst priorities in the year 2013 is maintaining stability in the exchange rate of the Lebanese lira versus US dollar, saying potentials to this effect are available.
The government says they're going to, and this is a very old issue, tax the resorts along the coast that are not legal, estimating that it will yield 400 billion Lebanese Lira, but how did they arrive at this figure?
The Lebanese lira sharply depreciated during the last days of Karami's first tenure as prime minister, sparking nationwide union protests, that ultimately forced him to step down in May 1992.
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