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We were as much heroes as anybody else, except Peter, and were so recognized; we were taken with Peter and the populace to Peter's mother's cottage, and there we ate bread and cheese, and drank milk and beer with everybody, and had a most sociable good time; and when we left we had a handshake all around, and were receiving and shouting back LEB' WOHL's until a turn in the road separated us from our cordial and kindly new friends forever.
For the DOE LEBS project, DB Riley drew on the related experiences of the advisory board it formed of major utilities, state energy and economic agencies, and research organizations.
The DB Riley team designed a 400-MW commercial generating unit of the LEBS that includes a supercritical Benson boiler fired with a low N[O.sub.x], slag tap, U-firing system, and a regenerating, copper oxide flue gas desulfurization system with de-N[O.sub.x] capability and high-efficiency particle removal.
"We calculate that the net plant efficiency for a LEBS CGU firing high sulfur coal is 42.2 percent based on the higher heating value of the steam cycle," said Terry Ake, staff engineer and chemical engineer at DB Riley.
The designers of other U-fired boilers applied air staging techniques and advanced burner designs to reduce the emission level to 0.8 pound per million Btu, eight times the limit set by DOE for the LEBS project.
Most of the LEBS tests at the Worcester facility used Illinois No.
This modified, or baseline, burner provided a comparison between the performance of the LEBS design and conventional U-fired boilers.
The results bore out the efficacy of the LEBS system.
Unburned carbon content can be further reduced in a commercial scale LEBS by recycling the fly ash into the firing chamber.
Once private funding is secured, DB Riley will construct a U-fired boiler, and a contractor will be selected to build the remainder of a commercial scale LEBS plant adjacent to the Turris Coal Co.