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LECSLan Emulation Configuration Server
LECSLAN Emulation Configuration Server (ATM)
LECSLow-Energy Concentrator Spectrometer (astrophysics)
LECSLakshmi Electrical Control Systems Ltd. (est. 1981; Coimbatore, India)
LECSLocal Economic Consequences Study
LECSLiquid Effluent Containment System
LECSLaunch Equipment Checkout Set
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In subsequent tests in animals with cataracts and in a small human trial, they found the new surgical technique allowed pre-existing LECs to regenerate functional lenses.
With an initiative, LECS provides transport facilities for the members of the Chamber in these regions to visit the exhibition.
LECS is part of the LMW group, and manufactures control panels for textile machinery, low-voltage switchgears, and industrial plastic components.
That way, the LECs which show the most innovation and enterprise will be rewarded.
To build its networks, the taxpayer purchased from LECs two distinct types of line services: (1) one-way PRI line service that "permits [the] [t]axpayer to receive, but not to initiate, voice and data transmissions"; and (2) other line services, not specified in the ruling, that connect the taxpayer's modern bank to its data network and, ultimately, to the ISP'S services.
Sensitivities regarding customer access are heightened by the fact that some LECs have ISP subsidiaries.
LECs impose charges on CMRS providers for interconnection with the public switched network.
The aim of this paper is to compare the activities and organisation of enterprise agencies before and after the advent of TECs and LECs.
Ministers want to see better value from the pounds 382million of public money they hand out to LECs each year.
In addition to the training and enterprise functions of the TECs the LECs have broader local economic development powers.
They say changing the method of regulation could mean billions of dollars of extra profits for the LECs, at users' expense.
WASHINGTON -- A group of more than 12 Rural LECs and conferencing providers have banded together to form The Coalition for Carrier Neutrality.