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LECSLan Emulation Configuration Server
LECSLAN Emulation Configuration Server (ATM)
LECSLow-Energy Concentrator Spectrometer (astrophysics)
LECSLakshmi Electrical Control Systems Ltd. (est. 1981; Coimbatore, India)
LECSLocal Economic Consequences Study
LECSLiquid Effluent Containment System
LECSLaunch Equipment Checkout Set
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Moreover, a number of states have also determined that the inclusion of a stretch factor can do more harm than good by making the total obligation of LECs more arbitrary than it would otherwise be.
Not all of the complementary services provided by the LECs are subject to binding regulation that necessarily prevents "full profit-maximizing" prices.
LECs impose charges on CMRS providers for interconnection with the public switched network.
The LSS level of human LECs and the cortex of cultured lens were quantified by ELISA using human LSS ELISA kit (QIYBO, China) according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Carriers may access LEC interconnections over the same SIP interconnection to the carrier as the traffic is aggregated by the service provider.
Coculture of MSCs and LECs. Cell culture inserts (Transwell; polycarbonate, 0.4 [micro]m pore size; Corning, NY, USA) were coated with 1 : 20 diluted Matrigel, and 3 x [10.sup.3] LECs were seeded on the inserts.
In subsequent tests in animals with cataracts and in a small human trial, they found the new surgical technique allowed pre-existing LECs to regenerate functional lenses.
Construction of Lentiviral-Based TBP-2-Overexpressing LECs. The mammalian expression vector LV4 which is used for overexpression was obtained from Shanghai GenePharma.
The primary LECs of the parotid glands are rare and require serial examinations for excluding metastatic lymphadenopathy, especially nasopharynx originated.
About Lake Eola Charter School/STEP: The LECS STEP is a two-year program in which students design and construct a self-sufficient habitat to house student astronauts, design and operate a mission control, and establish a mission scenario and schedule.
The single-layered LECs underlying the aLC are metabolically the most active part of the lens and are responsible for sustaining physiological health of the tissue.