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LZLanding Zone
LZLed Zeppelin (band)
LZLearning Zone (various organizations)
LZLazio (Italian region)
LZLempel-Ziv (dictionary-based lossless data compression)
LZLubrizol Corporation (stock symbol)
LZBalkan Bulgarian Airlines
LZLoading Zone (website)
LZLuftschiff Zeppelin (German Zeppelin airship)
LZLouis Zukofsky (American poet)
LZLabyrinth Zone (Sonic 1 level)
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With the burgeoning crossover SUV market, Cadillac executives set about to develop another variant off of the Sigma platform, the same platform that is used for the CTS, the vehicle that introduced the Art & Science design theme to the world with the pounding backbeat of John Bon ham on Led Zeppelin's 'Rock and Roll.' There is something to be said for not being first in this body-on-frame-integral luxury sport ute field.
Even Satanism and the occult, while still mostly on the fringes, have enjoyed a dizzying rise in popularity thanks to the dark glamour of hard rock and heavy metal bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne -- and, more recently, shock rockers like the notorious Marilyn Manson.
Featuring Peter Eldridge from the original London cast of We Will Rock You and BBC TV's Altogether Now, Hats Off to Led Zeppelin will perform at The Slade Rooms on Friday, September 6.
Fronted by vocalist Vince Contarino and backed by the 35-piece Black Dog Orchestra, the show features 18 Led Zeppelin classics.
Back then, allied to whispered tales of occult dabbling, dalliances with groupies, and industrial-scale drug consumption onboard private jets, it gave Led Zeppelin undoubted mystique.
He said the songs had similar chord progressions, and that Page may have written "Stairway" after hearing "Taurus" while Led Zeppelin and Spirit were touring together.
Jimmy snubbed an offer to replace Eric Clapton in The Yardbirds in 1965 and formed Led Zeppelin in 1968.
The decision was a victory for Led Zeppelin, one of the top selling rock acts of all time, after an week-long trial in US District Court in Los Angeles that had calledinto question the originality of their signature song.
And guests will be able given the chance to take up a whole lotta' extras including hiring a 'pop up recording studio' - a unique experience as not even Led Zeppelin themselves got to record there, Scott Roe, who lives in the cottage and founded the retreats, said: "During our successful Bron Yr Aur art project last year we had lots of people asking about being able to stay here and we thought long and hard about ways to make this happen.
Led Zeppelin have since sold more than 300 million albums worldwide.
A statement from Plant spokesman Ken Weinstein says the singer ''has not been in receipt of any offers in recent months'' about Led Zeppelin gigs, and hasn't met or communicated with Branson in 50 years.
LED Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love is the greatest guitar riff of all time, as chosen by BBC Radio 2 listeners.