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LEDALibrary of Efficient Data Types and Algorithms
LEDALafayette Economic Development Authority (Louisiana)
LEDALincoln Economic Development Association (Lincolnton, NC)
LEDALocal Employment Development Action (Programme)
LEDALight Emitting Diode Array
LEDALlano Estacado Dressage Association
LEDALight, Easily Deployable By Air
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215) turn out to be the narrator's meditation on the relationship between the defiled Leda ("the staggering girl" or essentially weak Mother Ireland) and almighty Zeus ("the brute blood of the air," or the British army as an extension of the royal family).
LEDA Transport was set up with the commitment to reduce the "carrying of fresh air" - a logistics industry term used to describe vans or lorries returning to depots after delivering goods empty.
That was his springboard for a career that is still going strong, and links the Leda name to U.
A desestruturacao familiar aparece tanto no circulo formado por Francisca, Roberto, Leda, Miranda, Joaquim e Celina quanto no formado por Odete, Afonso Cesar, Lola, Modesto, Miranda e Jacinto.
Police and relatives would urge anyone who knows where Leda and Kanni are to contact Merseyside Police on 101 or the independent Missing People Charity on 116 000.
Leda Catunda comecou sua vida profissional ainda na faculdade, com destaque a decada de 1980, quando fez parte de um grupo de artistas chamados geracao 80, com o nome "Como vai voce".
The poems, although none directly retell the Leda myth, are in clear dialogue with "Leda and the Swan.
Howard said Leda Lanes went into deeper debt to build Leda's Lighthouse, a Day-Glo alley to attract the younger set, back in 2006.
As these things rub together it is very much like a river rock, a river stone, they get polished and sculpted into that round shape that Leda saw when she visited," added Ulrich.
CATCHING: Da Vinci's The Head of Leda and (left) The Head of an old bearded man
In the manuscripts, he emphasizes resistance and struggle, devoting considerable energy to fleshing out both the divinity of Zeus and the humanity of Leda.
The contract for the West Leda has a firm period of nine months and includes an option for an extension of up to six additional months.