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LEDELive End Dead End
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In short, it is a lede that would provide me no material at the breakfast table.
The Boston Globe, which also ran the incorrect version on Page One, added a link to the "Lede" item under its Web story about the missiles, but also without an obvious correction.
Reader Russell observes that lede does not show up in "my Webster's dictionary."
You spend half your time getting the lede right, so it feels just right.
Headline: "Caught in uncharted waters." Lede: "Homeland Security.
Mike Nizza at the Times' "The Lede" blog has the full story on all this, and refers to the real Facebook page: "London's Evening Standard uncovered the juiciest bit -- a photo of him donning a devil costume on Halloween, along with a comment: 'We're ready to bring hell on earth.
* The lede piece in The Boston Globe of 12/26/01 presented this oddity: "It was unclear whether Azhar's detention would assuage India...." According to Merriam-Webster's 10th Collegiate Dict., assuage "implies softening or sweetening what is harsh or disagreeable (ocean breezes assuaged the intense heat)." Better for this context would be mollify--"implies soothing hurt feelings or rising anger"--or perhaps conciliate--"ending an estrangement by persuasion, concession, or settling of differences...."
when it reported the incident on its The Lede blog.
Headline: "Fisheries Ministers Agree on Quotas." Lede: "They were at it hammer and thongs until the early hours...."
One of the most valuable pieces of advice I gleaned from "The Word," though, and one that I quote most often, was his suggestion to "raise the curtain on human action" when composing the lede.
What's wrong with this sentence from a Boston Globe lede?
McClellan's revelations provide important support for our civil suit against those who violated our national security and maliciously destroyed my career." At The Lede blog at The New York Times, Mike Nizza responded earlier: "How exactly was the president involved?