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LSVTLee Silverman Voice Treatment
LSVTLarge Scale Voluntary Transfer
LSVTLarge Solar Vacuum Telescope (Baikal Astrophysical Observatory)
LSVTLesser Saphenous Vein Thrombophlebitis (legs)
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O metodo Lee Silverman Voice Treatment e considerado "padrao ouro" na reabilitacao da voz para pacientes com Parkinson.
The Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT LOUD) has become a popular method to help individuals with PD who are effected with from voice and speech disorders.
Washington, Apr 15 (ANI): An Australian researcher says that a new treatment, called the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment, may prove effective in curing speech disorder in people who have suffered a stroke or brain injury.
Most therapists use the LSVT (Lee Silverman Voice Treatments) system, pioneered by Lee Silverman, who created the LSVT LOUD and LSVT BIG training certification programs.