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Expiratory flow limitation as a determinant of orthopnea in acute left heart failure. J Am Coll Cardiol.
Attention must be paid to auscultation of the base of the lungs, where the presence of fine late inspiratory crackles may suggest an alternative diagnosis such as left heart failure or pulmonary fibrosis.
TOKYO - Prince Mikasa, an uncle of Emperor Akihito, was admitted to a Tokyo hospital Thursday after being diagnosed as suffering from acute left heart failure stemming from mitral insufficiency, the Imperial Household Agency said.
Left heart failure leads to a build-up of fluid in the lungs causing a shortness of breath, dry cough and tiredness.
Basal crackles can be a sign of both pulmonary oedema and interstitial lung disease, and more emphasis should have been placed on the lack of orthopnoea--an important symptom of left heart failure.
This category Includes congestive heart failure (ICD-9 code 428.0), left heart failure (428.1), and unspecified heart failure (428.9).
Heart rate variability in severe right or left heart failure: the role of pulmonary hypertension and resistances.
The IABP method is the optimal choice for patients with left heart failure, and its use time can be properly extended according to each patient's situation.
Advanced pulmonary hypertension or severe left heart failure contraindicate ASD closure.
Swan-Ganz monitoring excluded left heart failure. She remained in the ICU for several weeks suffering from respiratory insufficiency.