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Imaging the patient in the left lateral decubitus position helps to best display the fistula.
Benson, "Venous air embolism: comparative merits of external cardiac massage, intracardiac aspiration, and left lateral decubitus position," Anesthesia and Analgesia, vol.
After undocking the robotic patient cart, the patient was then taken out of the Trendelenburg position and rotated into the left lateral decubitus position.
3,5 Expiratory and inspiratory CXR if the patient is cooperative or right and left lateral decubitus in young patients can help the clinician to find the differential air trapping in the two lungs.
For example, if the patient is positioned in a left lateral decubitus, the fluid would descend to the dependent side, thus visualizing a left pleural effusion.
In the study, 30 men and 3 women with a mean age of 70 underwent densitometric vertebral fracture assessment with standard left lateral decubitus positioning and right lateral decubitus (reverse) positioning.
The CHF patients spent a significantly shorter time during sleep in the left lateral decubitus thanthe right lateral decubitus position; the control subjects spent an equal amount of time in both.
Management of venous gas embolus begins with procedure termination, continuous oxygenation, and Trendelenburg and left lateral decubitus patient positioning.
Although all studies agree that right or left lateral decubitus positions can be used equally well, (12-14) the results with respect to the success rate & hemodynamic effects between the lateral & sitting position during spinal anesthetic techniques are more conflicting.
He was positioned on the left lateral decubitus position and the Kocher-Langenbeck approach was used.