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LVMMLinux Virtual Memory Manager
LVMMLeft Ventricular Muscle Mass
LVMMLeft Ventricular Myocardial Mass (cardiology)
LVMMLeft Ventricular Myotomy and Myectomy (cardiology)
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Analysis of the functional echocardiographic parameters revealed some increased parameters in test group than that in the control group: fractional shortening (FS), ejection fraction (EF), left ventricular myocardial mass (LVMM), left ventricle diastolic function--maximum early peak velocity (peak E) (LVDF-[V.
In addition to multiple risk factors of CAD, recent epidemiological studies emphasized the role of increased left ventricular myocardial mass on sudden cardiac death (2).
It corresponded to 20% of the whole left ventricular myocardial mass, including the interventricular septum.
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