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LDMLeak Detection and Monitoring (geophysical characterization method)
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LDMLaboratory Development Model
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He added existing NHS ethics committees lack legal decision-making powers and are poorly funded and under-used.
supervision by the service provider does not include the legal decision-making, but Trafi take the necessary decisions on the basis of the reports issued by the service provider.
I try to both teach them about the current state of the law, but also to get them to understand why the law developed the way it did," Benedet says, "and what kinds of biases and stereotypes can influence legal decision-making.
Testing "Motivated Reasoning" in Legal Decision-Making B.
A good example of the proven influence of moral intuition in the legal decision-making process comes from a study involving purported harms from vaccines and birth control pills.
A principal's knowledge of law issues and legal decision-making are essential to provide effective feedback for a successful school.
The discussion offered insights into the legal decision-making process when determining which court to select for specific types of case, such as preference of language, monetary constraints, complexity of the case and sometime subject matter.
Funda Tekin explores differentiated integration in Europe's legal architecture in terms of opt-outing out of the EU and how those translate into actual living legal decision-making forms.
Writing that is engaging holds the reader's attention, and stimulates the reader's own thought processes, elegance characterizes great legal writing, giving expression to mankind's essential creative nature, and great legal writing facilitates legal decision-making, exhibiting an artistic flair (lawyers and judges write documents to aid professional decision-making).
This can be problem when someone else decides that s/he wants that legal decision-making authority.
Finally, Jeremy Webber poses questions about the relationship between our substantive judgments about complicated social issues and the ways in which our institutions of judgment are set up to structure our approaches to political and legal decision-making.
He suggested that nothing less that a significant physical risk would justify interference with F's right to a family life with the child or with his right to a fair trial, to participate in the legal decision-making about his child.