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LIIILegal Information Institute
LIIILong Island Information, Inc. (New York)
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These resources can be gathered from central sources such as Cornell's Legal Information Institute (, the Washburn University School of Law (, the USC Law Legal Journals Listing (, and the Villanova University School of Law Library (
“While Legal Information Institutes around the world are motivated by principles of judicial accountability and the Rule of Law, it is evident that their collections also have commercial value.
'Legal information institute' (or 'LII'), as used here, therefore refers to a sub-set of the providers of free access to law, namely those from across the world, who have decided to collaborate both politically and technically.
Judicial bodies hold no separate data on sentencing in such cases, so Mr Voelcker drew on newspaper reports and a database of court transcripts held by the British and Irish Legal Information Institute.
Features of the new website include an interactive guide to routes of appeal and links to the most recent Court judgements and to the British and Irish Legal Information Institute site.
The Legal Information Institute of the law school at Cornell University is recognized as a valuable resource for legal research and is useful to RIM managers as they increasingly have to research laws and regulations that affect their polities, procedures, and retention practices.
A look at the Canadian Legal Information Institute's (CanLII) Web site reveals 11 cases where Frank v.
According to the Legal Information Institute, caveat emptor is a Latin phrase for "let the buyer beware." This phrase projects the idea that buyers should take responsibility for the condition of items they purchase and should examine them before purchase.
Hosted by the Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School, this site offers a roundup of federal and state laws on workers comp.
An overview of pension law from the Legal Information Institute.
Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute (
This site is maintained by the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University Law Schoo.
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