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Boro are in Division Three, the Legion of the Damned, a group of terrified teams permanently haunted by the knowledge that one bad year could see them go under.
Andromeda's Fall: A Novel of the Legion of the Damned is first in a planned prequel trilogy and is set hundreds of years in the future, where humanity has gone to the stars, discovered aliens, established an empire--and where one Lady Catherine leads a pampered life until a power grab places her on the run--with Legion recruit Andromeda determined to bring down her successor.
A Fighting Chance provides a fine novel of the Legion of the Damned and is a pick for any serious military science fiction collection.
The fast-paced and evocative Monte Cassino, the infamous Italian battle in which 54,000 Allied and 20,000 German soldiers died, is perhaps the best of the lot, closely followed by Hassell's debut novel, Legion of the Damned.
q Bradford, Rio CELTIC FROST + Kreator + Legion Of The Damned
And somehow Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Mandelson's name has been dragged into the legion of the damned.
can't afford to drop points athe Legion of the Damned icavalier fashion.
95) provides an excellent military science fiction story and another novel in his Legion of the Damned series.
This Legion of the Damned is packed with upstart clubs with top-flight ambitions they are not equipped to deliver.
Boro may be erratic and never put out the same team - or anything like the same level of performance - two games in a row but results have improved dramatically under Tony Mowbray, especially when compared to the rest of the Legion of the Damned.
This Legion of the Damned are the teams that Boro fans will remember playing with monotonous monochrome regularity throughout their formative years, our prison ship peers who took turns at a brief tilt at the top before returning bloody nosed and chastened two or three years later.