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LDFLocal Development Framework
LDFLac du Flambeau (Wisconsin)
LDFLibrary Definition File
LDFLat Diagnostics Framework
LDFLura Document Format
LDFLinear Display File
LDFLeft Democratic Front (India)
LDFLesotho Defense Force
LDFLoad Distribution Factor (transportation research)
LDFLocal Distribution Frame
LDFLegislative Defense Fund (various organizations)
LDFLeadership Development Fund (various organizations)
LDFLuraDocument Format (file extension)
LDFLoss Development Factor (insurance)
LDFLow Density Fiberboard
LDFLightweight Digital Facsimile
LDFLondon Dispersion Forces (intermolecular bonding strength)
LDFLyme Disease Foundation, Inc.
LDFLaser Demonstration Facility
LDFLocal Density Function (solid-state physics)
LDFLearning Development Framework
LDFLogical Data File
LDFLambda Delta Fraternity
LDFLow Density Factor
LDFLaboratory Director's Funds
LDFLand Disposal Facility
LDFLocal Distribution Facility
LDFLiberian Development Foundation Inc (Greenbelt, MD)
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With the partnership, the organizations hope to attract new NCPA members and additional resources for such programs as the NCPA's legislative defense fund. CDC leaders have begun asking members to join NCPA and to donate to that fund.
We must continue to grow the NCPA Political Action Committee and the Legislative Defense Fund (LDF).
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