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Before that, he served for 12 years as a legislative fiscal analyst for the Oklahoma Legislature.
And with more than 10,000 new students expected to enroll next year, Utah needs to come up with an additional $115 million just to keep current funding even, according to Ben Leishman, legislative fiscal analyst.
For example, the income tax base (Montana Adjusted Gross Income) fell slightly in the 1980s, even though total personal income grew somewhat.|9~ The property tax base seems to have narrowed over the decade as well--lower in 1991 after adjusting for inflation that it was in 1979, according to a recent study by the Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst.|10~ In addition, revenues from coal, oil, and gas production have fallen precipitously over the past ten years.|11~ Finally, none of these three taxes is geared to capture revenue from Montana's increasing numbers of part-time residents or from its visitors--as a sales tax would do.
In Utah, which produces 3.5 percent of the oil Texas does and ranks 11th overall in crude oil production, falling prices at the gas pump are expected to free up disposable income for Utah residents to spend on other things, resulting in "a net positive for the state," says Andrea Wilko, chief economist for the Legislative Fiscal Analyst Office.
Legislative fiscal analyst Steve Bender told lawmakers that after reviewing a 2004 study by Eugene-based consulting firm EcoNorthwest, which had not previously been made available, he would still recommend authorizing the bonds.
"The revenues generated by the Olympics may have disguised some of the underlying problems that were simmering in our budget," says John Massey, Utah's legislative fiscal analyst. "We had to revise our revenue estimates in May, so a lot of the problems that would have shown up earlier did not show up until then.
In 1998, NALFO completed a staff training video developed for use in orienting new staff to the work of a legislative fiscal analyst.
"We had the biggest surplus in the state's history," says Leo Memmott, Utah's legislative fiscal analyst. He hastens to add, though, "Surpluses cause as many problems as deficits do."
As states harness the power of their data, program administration is likely to change--and it won't always be easy, something Jonathan Ball, director of Utah's Legislative Fiscal Analysts Office, has witnessed firsthand.
Legislative fiscal analysts have estimated reduced positions in every program area.
In their memo, legislative fiscal analysts wrote that most of the Judicial Department's $11.1 million budget reduction came in the form of shifting funds around and cost savings.
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