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LLOLower Level Orchestrator
LLOObject Oriented Deductive Language
LLOLigo Livingston Observatory (Livingston, LA)
LLOListeriolysin O (hemolysin)
LLOLow Lunar Orbit
LLOLarge Lakes Observatory (Duluth, Minnesota)
LLOLipid-Linked Oligosaccharide
LLOLight-toned Layered Outcrops (Valles Marineris Walls, Mars)
LLOLocal Loop Operators (Kenya)
LLOLakeshore Light Opera (Canada)
LLOLaser Local Oscillator
LLOLogical Lines of Operation (US Army)
LLOLegislative Liaison Office
LLOLegislative Liaison Officer (US Army)
LLOLead Laboratory Office
LLOLoudoun Lyric Opera (Virginia)
LLOLogistics Liaison Office
LLOLeverletto (knife)
LLOLarge Leverage Operator
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In 2012, Bag-ao was appointed as the legislative liaison officer of Dinagat district when Rep.
When pressed for answers, Sotto suggested that the President may have been ill informed by the presidential legislative liaison officer who may not have been doing his job properly.
Guilmar Vidanes, Asian Productivity Organization Production Unit Inc., board member; Andres Narvasa Jr., United Coconut Planters Bank board member; Richard Thomas Joson, Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority board member representing tourism enterprises; Poppert Bernadas, Film Development Council of the Philippines' Cinema Evaluation Board member; Alexis Lagtapon, Presidential Legislative Liaison Officer II.
Among the alleged bribe takers identified by Rodrigo aside from Miguel are the president's personal assistant, a presidential legislative liaison officer and a businessman friend of the liaison officer.
Cini has held several positions with the GPO since he joined in 1975, including customer service technician, management analyst, assistant legislative liaison officer, and supervisory management analyst.
To assist in the process, the department's legislative liaison officer works side-by-side with the county's legislative office.
Jimmy was the seeming omission on the part of the Presidential Legislative Liaison Officer (PLLO) last Monday.
The question being asked yesterday was: Where was the PLLO or Presidential Legislative Liaison Officer Adelino B.
The others to be charged with Miranda are former TRC director Antonio Ortiz, then deputy director Dennis Cunanan, chief accountant Marivic Jover and group managers Maria Rosalinda Lacsamana and Francisco Figura, former legislative liaison officer Belina Concepcion, and Amfi representatives Domingo Mamauag and Edison Sabio.
Maria Rowena Flores-Sabban was designated as Presidential Legislative Liaison Officer III of the Presidential Legislative Liaison Office.
Christina Abalos, Director III of the Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution-Department of Justice; Jose Ernesto Gaviola, Director IV of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples; Edgardo Clemente, member representing the private sector of Commission on Population board; Jeffrey Ian Dy,Director III of Bureau of Customs; Danilo Oraye Mendez, member of the Civil Aeronautics Board; Orville Ballitoc, Presidential Legislative Liaison Officer III; and Mario Madrero, Assistant Schools Division Superintendent of the Department of Education.
Rosalinda Lacsamana, chief accountant Marivic Jover, legislative liaison officer Belina Concepcion and internal auditor Maurine Dimaranan.
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