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This is the sixth executive order issued by Abbott since he took office in January 2015, according to the state's Legislative Reference Library.
"It honestly doesn't make a lot of sense to me," Becker-Finn said, adding that neither the Legislative Reference Library nor House Research were able to provide definitive answers.
But it seems that that hasn't happened since 1927, according to Ana Martinez of the Legislative Reference Library. In that case, Francis Dale and H.H.
Minnesota's Supreme Court was one of the first courts m the country to rule on same-sex marriage, according to the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library website.
To be sure you have all the committee minutes for your bill, you may want to consult the Committee Minutes Index, if you have access to it, or contact the Law Library or the Legislative Reference Library for assistance.
There will be just 21 legislators who list their occupations on the Legislative Reference Library as attorney, lawyer or prosecutor next year; 12 in the House and nine in the Senate.
Since 1876, Texans have voted on roughly 680 proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution (and approved 498), and the constitution has expanded from 289 sections to 388, according to the Texas Legislative Reference Library. It's now the second-longest constitution in the nation.
During legislative sessions in Texas, several staff from the Legislative Reference Library enter bill actions as they occur on the floors of the House and Senate into the capitol-wide legislative information system.
The Legislative Reference Library scanned the records; it appears Lessard would be Minnesota's first non-lawyer attorney general.
According to the Legislative Reference Library, 23.9 percent of all of the women - all of them - who ever served in the Texas Legislature are in office right now.
Among other things, it held that a well-trained librarian should lead the legislative reference library, that the library should employ a strictly nonpartisan staff, with some expertise in politics and economics, and that the staff should assist legislators in everything from bill drafting to research.
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