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LVRRLehigh Valley Railroad (New York)
LVRRLehigh Valley Road Runners (Allentown, PA)
LVRRLycoming Valley Railroad Company
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From Newark, the train headed west along the former Lehigh Valley Railroad, through the famous Musconetcong Tunnel, opened in 1875, and across the Delaware River en route to Bethlehem, Allentown, Reading and ultimately Harrisburg before returning to New York via Philadelphia and Amtraks Northeast Corridor.
Known today for such high-visibility tenants as Martha Stewart Living, McGarry Bowen, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, and Ralph Lauren, the building originally served as a massive ware house and freight terminal for the Lehigh Valley Railroad, which brought freight directly into the building via a rail spur and from barges on the Hudson River.
Environmental Protection Agency made available the results of ground water sampling taken in December 2011 at the Lehigh Valley Railroad Derailment Superfund site in LeRoy, New York.
The Lehigh Valley Railroad will pay the cost of the cleanup, not tax payers.
After a short stint in an entry-level clerical position on the Lehigh Valley Railroad, he took leave to earn a law degree from Cornell, then in 1930 rejoined the LVRR in its law department and passed the New York state bar examination.
Lehigh Valley Railroad barge number 79 (LV79), built in 1914, may be the last of its kind; a survivor of an era when such vessels were vital strands in the transportation web that bound New York City to the rest of the world.
The Lehigh Valley Railroad operated a Great Lakes shipping line from the 1880s until 1917.
He stayed to build the Lehigh Valley Railroad, found Lehigh University, serve two Congressional terms, and even run for president.
While the EPA considers the drums non-hazardous and eligible for disposal as non-hazardous waste, the Lehigh Valley Railroad has arranged for material to be disposed of at a landfill that is permitted to accept hazardous waste.
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