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LEHRLaboratory for Energy-Related Health Research
LEHRLow Energy High-Resolution (collimator)
LEHRLifetime Electronic Health Record
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In addition to deepening its bench in those core areas, for Arnstein and Lehr, the merger provides a long-sought presence on the East Coast (including in Delaware for its bankruptcy practitioners) and strengthens the firm's intellectual property offerings.
As such, the Federal Circuit found that the petition did not explain why borrowing the rationale for combining the secondary references with the Alpha reference equally applied to combining the secondary references with the Lehr reference.
The frontier community of Stuartburn and its surrounding district in southeastern Manitoba, which serves as the case study, is situated in the context of its hinterland connections to imperial Britain (Lehr cites Niall Ferguson's "Angloglobalization"), the economic heartland of eastern Canada (J.
Lehr has served as Senior Vice President and Grabe's Deputy since the completion of the merger between Orbital Sciences Corporation and Alliant Techsystems (ATK) in February 2015.
The LEHR 25 hp propane outboard is the most powerful liquid draw propane outboard in production.
The meeting is an effort to "fight against those who are taking away from us our common history," said Deborah Lehr, the chairwoman of the Antiquities Coalition, a non-governmental group formed to fight the destruction of heritage sites.
This field tour, guided by Kevin Van Kamp and John Lehr, will explore the economy, geography and history of this remarkable area on Winnipeg's doorstep.
We thought there was something charming and earnest about that," said Deutsch associate creative director Ryan Lehr. "We have these fond memories of seeing those ads while watching Wide World of Sports on Saturdays," added fellow acd Erick Mangali.
The imaging system consisted of a Siemens single head e.cam gamma camera equipped with a low energy high resolution (LEHR) or a medium energy general purpose (MEGP) collimator.
Now, in a relatively short span of time, have come two worthy successors to that definitive work: Rod Janzen and Max Stanton's The Hutterites in North America (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010) and this new work by Yossi Katz and John Lehr. It's good to have these new books not because there was anything defective about Hostetler's magisterial tome but because the Hutterites are expanding and changing rapidly, and it is time for an update.
By Yossi Katz and John Lehr. Regina, Sask.: Canadian Plains Research Centre Press, University of Regina.