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String literal representation has three fields: one bit flag H, which indicates whether or not the Huffman encoding is used, a String Length field, which is the number of octets used to encode the string literal and a String Data field with encoded data of the string literal.
The length field [V.sup.g.sub.l] (v) is time-based and it dynamically changes when there is any change in the Internet traffic.
We use a modified authentication option in the ANEP header to carry a digital signature over the entire ANEP header and the entire smart packet, except the zeroed packet length field in the ANEP header and any baggage at the end of the smart packet.
Thus, the total storage in addition to the dictionary entries is nC for the leaf nodes and (n - 1)A for the internal nodes, assuming that there is a spare bit in the address and length fields. In our application, for which the typical values given in Figure 1 apply, the storage requirement is 3n - 2 bytes.
Particularly attractive features are the embedded word command for searching keywords, the memo field for creating variable length fields, the global edit feature for shoring up authority control problems, and the ability to easily download retrievals into word processors as textfiles.
Following the node number, a displacement along the arc from the node to its parent is encoded; for most NodeCopy codewords the incoming arc is of length 1, so no length field is required.
It is easier, quicker, and less expensive to prepare and execute computer programs that operate on data in specific character positions in fixed-length fields than to search through a record for specific data patterns in one or more variable length fields or subfields.
For example, system designers assume that: the date of publication of an item will be recorded in arabic numerals rather than in words; that date of publication will be isolated from other data elements in the record so that it can be readily identified and accessed by the system; that the record will use a MARC-like format; and, further, that in a MARC formatted record the date of publication will be recorded in field 260, subfield c, and also in character positions 7 to 10 of the 008 fixed length field.
--The word length fields of FMO = 7 bits, FLC = 3 bits and FFA =5 bits;
ParseRat can even handle emails and other variable length records with variable length fields. For example, you can grab screens full of data and tell ParseRat that you want to capture the fields that follow on-screen tags such as "person" and "city".
Allowing fixed length fields to be created and analyzed independently of variable length fields becomes increasingly important as network speeds increase.
* Variable length fields increased to contain 32,000 characters each