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LORLetter Of Reprimand (military)
LORLord of the Rings (J.R.R. Tolkien)
LORLoss of Revenue
LORL'Osservatore Romano (Italian; Vatican newspaper)
LORLorton (Amtrak station code; Lorton, VA)
LORList of Requirements
LORLevel of Rigor
LORLiga Obrera Revolucionaria (Spanish: Revolutionary Workers League; Bolivia)
LORLearning Object Repository
LORLone Oak Ranch (Texas)
LORLetter of Recommendation
LORLindsey Oil Refinery (UK)
LORLow Resolution
LORLights Out Restore
LORLinux.Org.Ru (website)
LORLeft or Right (multiplayer games to coordinate squad movement)
LORLog Odds Ratio
LORLock Order Reversal
LORLetter Of Resignation
LORLight Output Ratio
LORLetter Of Request
LORLine of Response (reconstruction of PET images medical imaging)
LORLife of Riley (webcomic)
LORLines of Resolution (surveillance cameras)
LORLoss of Resistance
LORLetter of Reference
LORLength of Residence (demographics)
LORLady of Rage (rap artist)
LORLevel Of Repair
LORLiverpool Overhead Railway (1893-1956)
LORLoss of Redundancy
LORLetter of Representation (legal document)
LORLimit of Reporting
LORLive on Restart
LORLunar Orbital Rendezvous
LORLoan Officer Registration (Michigan)
LORLevel of Responsiveness (emergency medicine and first aid)
LORLife of Ryan (MTV reality show)
LORLepidoptera of Orientalic Region
LORLift-Off Resist (engineering)
LORLocal Orthodox Rabbi
LORLondon Oil Reports (petrochemical industry; UK)
LORLocally-Optimum Rank (detector)
LORLogical Operator Replacement
LORLength of Read (genetics)
LORLeague of Reason (Internet forum)
LORLine Outage Recorder
LORLaing O'Rourke PLC
LORLock-Out Relay (electric power)
LORLimit Order Reconciliation
LORLoan Origination Record
LORLoss of Rents (Commercial Property Insurance)
LORLoral Space and Communications Company (stock symbol)
LORLetter of Requirements
LORLate Orders Received (TL 9000)
LORLevel of Reward
LORLaunch and Orbit Rising
LORLetter of Repair
LORLikely Operational Range
LORLow-Frequency Omnidirectional Range
LORLimit of Responsibility
LORLEC Order Request
LORLanguage Operator Replacement
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The account should ordinarily be cut off from the Internet, because utility accounts can yield a wealth of personal information: the customer's legal name, length of residence, Social Security number, and payment history, all bits of personal and proprietary data that hackers love to collect and sell or share.
6, Petitioner asked Respondents: 'For each of the following factors, state whether it is Your experience that this fact has, since 2002, influenced the likelihood of removal to Cambodia, and, if so, state the nature of that influence: (1) criminal history; (2) birth outside of Cambodia; (3) length of residence in the United States; (4) lack of prior residence in Cambodia; (5) lack of family members in Cambodia; (6) mental health; (7) physical health.'
"I have been a resident in the country for five years now, which is a required length of residence not to be 'moved out' by Brits," she said.However, Koscarontialikova is planning to stay in the UK two more years and return home or settle in another EU country.
His lawyers also argue that 21 Savage is no flight risk and that, because of family ties in the US and his length of residence, he is entitled to appeal deportation and should be released on bail from ICE custody in Georgia.
This contested model emphasizes that immigrant assimilation progresses with the length of residence, due to contact with the host population, and across generations, due to socialization of immigrant children in the new society.
Finally, under a mechanism called administrative removal, noncitizens who are not lawful permanent residents including valid visa holders, those with temporary protected status, or those enrolled in DACA can be summarily deported if a Homeland Security official believes that the immigrant has previously been convicted of an"aggravated felony." (What qualifies as an aggravated felony is an intensely complex legal question, and the federal courts have often had to correct the immigration authorities.) Immigrants in these circumstances are not allowed to use certain defences ordinarily available in immigration court, such as claims that recognise family ties or length of residence. Instead, they enter a lawless zone in which the process moves quickly.
Other (length of residence, temporary residence): % "The current housing market is particularly competitive," says LendingTree Chief EconomistTendayi Kapfidze, who led the study.
It is necessary to differentiate between interlinguistic factors, such as English language proficiency, the predominant language of communication and thinking, L1-L2 inter-influence, and code-switching; extralinguistic factors, such as the age of onset of learning English, the length of residence in an English-speaking country, and the amount and quality of the language input; and cognitive factors, such as vocabulary learning strategies, reading fluency, and criteria of choosing incorrect collocations (the focus on the word form, meaning, both, or something else).
Using data from Centre for Immigration Studies, FactCheck.org, Full Fact, Pew Research Centre, The Economist, and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, we performed an analysis and made estimates regarding unauthorized immigrants by length of residence in the US and criminal alien deportations from the interior, deportations by criminal status, aliens with final removal orders from select recalcitrant or non-cooperative foreign countries, foreign national prison population and number of foreign national offenders removed by the Home Office, and removals and returns of illegal immigrants.
An evaluation of the healthy immigrant effect with adolescents in Canada: examinations of gender and length of residence. Soc Sci Med.
Mortality of migrant people appears to vary as a result of differences in average mortality between host and home countries, as well as healthy selection for migration or return and length of residence in the host country, IFA said.